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AvaLAN Enables Secure Wireless EMV Upgrades to Kroger

Huntsville, Alabama., AvaLAN Wireless was chosen by Kroger for Fuel Dispenser EMV connectivity because of AvaLAN’s demonstrated industry leading secure and reliability industrial networking solutions. Cincinnati based Kroger Company contracted AvaLAN Wireless to provide secure and reliable wireless and Ethernet switching solution for connections to their 10,000 fuel dispensers. Innovation, customization and customer responsiveness by the AvaLAN team were key ingredients to solving Kroger’s challenging application of delivering secure, reliable, wireless and Ethernet switch network communications as part of the EMV upgrade for fuel dispensers PCI compliant security, cost, reliability, and the ability to remote manage were the primary considerations for Kroger when choosing AvaLAN’s wireless with integrated segmented switch solution for their critical infrastructure requirement. AvaLAN’s unique wireless Ethernet solution and willingness to customize to the specific needs of Kroger created a winning combination.

The AvaLAN wireless system was put through extensive and rigorous wireless and network security penetration testing and it was determined to be a much more secure and reliable than any other EMV connectivity products on the market. Additionally, AvaLAN’s ability to optimize specific security features offered additional layers of security to prevent hacking of EMV PCI (payment card industry) data for Kroger.

AvaLAN worked with Kroger’s corporate technology team along with Dover Fueling Solutions to fully understand the application requirements and chose to develop a custom industrial wireless, high speed, 5 GHz data device with integrated managed Ethernet switch to meet Kroger’s fuel dispenser EMV needs. The solution delivers High power and High Speed for next generation fuel dispensers along with fully certified data encryption technology and network VLAN segmented switching for full PCI compliance. This solution provides continual 24/7/365 enterprise management and reliable connectivity from the network to each EMV compliant fuel dispenser. AvaLAN Wireless seamlessly integrated their wireless connectivity and secure managed Ethernet switch from the fuel dispenser to the in store network with wire like performance. Working with the Kroger team to combine the power, reliability and security of the AvaLAN platform into Kroger’s unique footprint has been a tremendous opportunity to assist in addressing the growing challenges of Fuel Center and Retail POS market as the 2020 EMV deadline approaches.

“AvaLAN continues to demonstrate value for critical infrastructure IoT applications. As with all AvaLAN wireless solutions this UL certified in fuel dispenser unit utilizes optimized protocols that are proprietary to the AvaLAN systems. This also provides additional protection against intercepting the transmitted signal,” said AvaLAN Wireless Vice President of Sales Brook Svoboda. AvaLAN designs their solutions to be user friendly for integrators that might not be that familiar with wireless technology.

About AvaLAN Wireless

AvaLAN Wireless is an industry-leading developer and manufacturer of secure networking solutions for large retail, C-store and Fuel center industry. AvaLAN’s products are designed to enable affordable secure wired and wireless connections in perimeter or remote locations. Specializing in LTE and the unlicensed 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz, and 5.8 GHz radio bands, AvaLAN offers a family of encrypted wireless Ethernet and data communications products. The AvaLAN products offer an ideal combination of price, range, data rate, security, interference avoidance, quality-of- service, and a simple plug-and- play setup with minimal user programming required. No other company matches the price performance value characteristics of AvaLAN’s products. AvaLAN Wireless Systems, Inc. is headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, with remote offices in California and Canada.

AvaLAN Wireless provides EMV and PCI compliance today and high bandwidth forecourt enhancements tomorrow. For cost effective EMV upgrades visit AvaLAN at NACS tradeshow booth 7685, or call 866.533.6216

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