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AvaLAN Enables Secure Wireless EMV Upgrades to Kroger

Huntsville, Alabama., AvaLAN Wireless was chosen by Kroger for Fuel Dispenser EMV connectivity because of AvaLAN’s demonstrated industry leading secure and reliability industrial networking solutions. Cincinnati based Kroger Company contracted AvaLAN Wireless to provide secure and reliable wireless and Ethernet switching solution for connections to their 10,000 fuel dispensers. Innovation, customization and customer responsiveness by the AvaLAN team were key ingredients to solving Kroger’s challenging application of delivering secure, reliable, wireless and Ethernet switch network communications as part of the EMV upgrade for fuel dispensers PCI compliant security, cost, reliability, and the ability to remote manage were the primary considerations for Kroger when choosing AvaLAN’s wireless with integrated segmented switch solution for their critical infrastructure requirement. AvaLAN’s unique wireless Ethernet solution and willingness to customize to the specific needs of Kroger created a winning combination.

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