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AvaLAN in the News

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

AvaLAN focuses on solving customer problems with secure, reliable and plug and play solutions. Our secure technologies for fuel centers recently received some media attention, and the AvaLAN team is excited to share our successes in serving our customers.

Partnership with Payless

Singh, The owner of the Payless Gas Company on County Line Road in Madison, Alabama, was an early adopter of the AvaLAN Wireless EMV solutions and also the Secure Firewall Gateway

These solutions increased the pump data security which was not only good for the store but great for the many customers that stop at this gas station. By utilized the chip card readers, it makes it more difficult for hackers to steal information.

Cydria Gray is a regular customer at Payless, and she told reporters in a WAAY 31 ABC segment, "Me being in college and not having that much money, definitely getting my card stolen is the last thing that I want to hear about, so I think it's really important that they've incorporated this into their station.”

Skimming Outbreak

The report was run in response to a previous segment regarding the increased skimming problem in Huntsville, Alabama, currently being investigated by the Huntsville Police Department. Their inquiries have yielded two common forms of this illegal practice. In the first scenario, the thieves attach a skimming device to the outside of the card reader. The craftier criminals, however, mount the device inside the reader where it is harder to spot.

Some customers, like Zach Lindsay of Huntsville, have opted to pay inside instead, fearing that the pump might not be secure enough. Lindsay, like many, cannot afford to have his bank account wiped out. The ease with which the swiping devices can be hacked have made Lindsay and others hesitant to pay at the pump. The new chip reader technology was developed in response to those security concerns. 

AvaLAN Solutions

AvaLAN Wireless works hard to offer the most secure solutions to keep fuel stations safe and help guarantee repeat business as a result. We understand that customers want to insert their cards and feel completely secure that their transactions are safe. With a deadline mandating that all gas stations throughout the country have EMV technology at all of their pumps by 2020, AvaLAN is here to guide retailers in that process, providing products and services that meet and exceed the swiftly approaching requirements.

Learn more about AvaLAN’s solutions and experience the security we provided to Payless Gas Company today!



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