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AvaLAN's Bandwidth and Reliability

Bandwidth and throughput are common determinations for how fast and how much data can travel across any medium (wired or wireless). It is not uncommon to see specifications of “20 or 40 Mbps” bandwidth claims for technologies such as IP over RS485 or Homeport (Data over power line). While theoretically these bandwidths are true, the actual throughput is significantly less due to “real world” conditions such as noise, the condition of the aging wiring, conversion inefficiencies, etc., etc. It is not uncommon to see little more than 1 Mbps of actual throughput on systems such as these.

With Secure Wireless Ethernet real usable throughput is much higher than either of these two methods. While over air bandwidth is typically calculated at 300 Mbps for Secure Wireless Ethernet systems, the user can expect no less than 150 Mbps of actual usable throughput. For the forecourt this is more than enough throughput and speed for today’s demands as well as the fuel dispenser and forecourt of the future, which will include features such as digital media, IP cameras, and EMV payment requirement.

Reliability of any wireless system is based on how much power is transmitted. The AvaLAN Secure Wireless Ethernet solution utilizes the latest most powerful technology from Qualcomm along with the maximum legal transmit power allowed by the FCC (1W).

What this means in real world implementation is the AvaLAN Secure Wireless Ethernet system is capable of ¾ of a mile of reliable range. Since most forecourts are measured in hundreds of feet, the system has more than enough power to ensure 24/7/365 connection without issue. This means tankers and any other vehicles or obstructions in the path of the radio transmission WILL NOT degrade the connection. The 1W power and multipath technology combine to make the connection as reliable as a buried Ethernet cable.

If you have any questions about bandwidth and reliability, the AvaLAN Secure Wireless Ethernet solution, or anything else, feel free to reach out to our sales team at (650) 384-0000 or at We are always happy to help!

Read our full white paper HERE



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