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AvaLAN's Encryption and Security

In today’s world, credit cards and personal information are routinely sent through “exposed connections” like the Internet, WLANs and Cellular phones when using EMV credit cards or online through secure websites. These credit transactions and a user’s personal information are safe because the data transferred is highly encrypted between the client device and the bank or website via technologies called Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) over HTTPS.

In addition however, AvaLAN’s Secure Wireless Ethernet encrypts all data with the US government’s FIPS 197 - AES encryption cyphers. These cyphers have been the standard for US Military’s Secret Level communications since approval in 2002. This encryption provides extra secure confidentiality of all data transferred across the wireless connection. This is critically important for “insecure” swiped credit cards, personal sessions and other network data that is not using the aforementioned EMV, TLS, SSL and HTTPS technologies. Whenever AvaLAN wireless transmits any data; EMV, TLS, SSL or raw, it gets encrypted. Thus, transmissions of EMV, TLS, SSL and HTTPS are considered “double encrypted” which is even more secure against hacking attempts.

A Secure Wireless Ethernet solution is capable of delivering the high speeds necessary to accommodate next generation fuel dispensers – along with fully certified data encryption technology and VLAN (virtual local area networks) segmented switching. It is this segmentation that is also critical to establishing a secure wireless payment infrastructure.

VLAN segmentation works by creating a collection of isolated networks, each with a separate broadcast domain, within a data network. This segmentation within a VLAN network adds yet another level of security by blocking access from malicious attackers against the system. In addition, it eliminates packet-sniffing attempts, which are sometimes used by outside agitators to capture network traffic at the Ethernet frame level in order to retrieve sensitive information such as financial data. With VLAN segmentation, only authorized personnel can access the servers and various digital devices necessary to execute payment transactions.

If you have any questions about the encryption and security with the use of AvaLAN’s products, AvaLAN’s Secure Wireless Ethernet, or anything else, feel free to reach out to our support team at (650) 384-0000 or at We are always happy to help!

Download a full copy of our white paper to learn more: Full White Paper


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