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AvaLAN's Latest Firmware and Updated Security

So, you’ve been using AvaLAN EMV units for a while now, but suddenly you see that the new units you are receiving are marked “Version 2.4” instead of “Version 2.2”. What exactly does this new version mean for you? That’s what we are here to briefly discuss today!

To start things off, it is important to note that your new 2.4 units will still work seamlessly with older 2.2 units.

Your 2.4 In-Store Access Point (AP) will still pair with older 2.2 In-Dispenser Units (IDSUs) and vice versa. The big difference that you will notice here is that we are no longer able to login to these units locally. With version 2.2 we were able to remote into a fuel technician’s laptop and sign into the unit for troubleshooting. Now, with version 2.4, we can remotely monitor and access these units from our cloud service. Your AP will receive a cloud update once it is connected to the internet.

During this update the AP downloads files that are needed to update any IDSUs that are paired with it. Following the update, any IDSUs paired will pull a copy of their update files and start updating themselves. This will also allow the AP to fix any known issues with paired IDSUs. At 0300 the following morning all IDSUs that needed an update will reboot to finish their update process.

Unfortunately, getting the AP connected to the internet isn’t as easy as plugging it into your site’s switch – most, if not all, MNSPs will block the AP from reaching out to our cloud services. To solve this, we have a list of 6 URLs that must be whitelisted by the MNSP. In addition to this step, the AP will need a DHCP lease and at least 2 addresses in its pool.

Another important thing to note here is that despite all of this, 2.4 units do not NEED internet access for normal station operation. The units will work just like the previous version, with the caveat that it will need internet access for troubleshooting. If your site is unable to get the AP to freely reach out to our cloud services, you will have to call the AvaLAN Support Team and they will be able to assist you in temporarily granting internet access to the AP.

If you have any questions regarding version 2.4, a step in this process, or anything else, feel free to reach out to our support team at (650) 384-0000. They are always happy to help!


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