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AvaLAN’s Wireless Solutions Streamline Operations For Petro Station Owners

Efficiency plays a crucial role in the competitive petro-convenience business environment. Tank gauge monitoring is one of the main areas of opportunity for station owners to reduce overhead costs and risk factors. The most effective solution for tank gauge monitoring is a platform designed for remote monitoring and real-time analysis.

Wireless Ethernet solutions allow business owners and operators to access tank gauge information from nearly anywhere in the world. This gives site owners nearly unlimited flexibility and accuracy in product and inventory management.

AvaLAN wireless solutions provide the secure and reliable connectivity needed for commercial fueling and tank gauging systems. We have been offering solutions to site owners all over the country for 15 years. Our top-notch tank level monitoring accessories improve the level and speed of communication required by site owners. These systems allow for alert features detected by automatic tank gauging systems. 

Remote monitoring reduces costs, allows for 24/7/365 eye-in-the-sky access, and accurately measures tank fuel levels and sends that information via radio signal. More precise billing can also lead to savings up to 15% in fuel consumption!

Theft and abuse is an unfortunate part of the fleet industry, but remote monitoring reduces these costs and increases profit margins. Our systems have a proven ROI because they ensure that drivers are fueling vehicles in a proper and timely manner.

The best part? The easy installation. The AvaLAN full Ethernet network minimizes down time and makes future upgrades a breeze. This secure and reliable system will help station owners meet the compliance law. 

AvaLAN customer Pete Neil, Global Product Manager, OPW Fuel Management Systems, said, “OPW utilizes AvaLAN wireless solutions to provide secure and reliable connectivity for our commercial fueling & tank gauging systems.”

A smart and connected infrastructure allows for better petro-station operations. This infrastructure must be built on reliable data connectivity with remote locations or there is a risk of noncompliance.

A robust fuel management platform gives retailers a comprehensive fuel information management data system that handles the details of environmental compliance. Advanced functions like centralized site management, precision inventory reconciliation, and loss prevention analysis provide a higher level of fuel management capabilities.

Ready to get compliant and stop worrying about your fuel management? Trust the AvaLAN team to deliver the right solution for your site.



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