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Digital Signage at the Pump: Why It’s Worth It and Four Inspiring Ideas for Content

The modern fuel center offers many opportunities to engage shoppers. One great way to connect is by featuring digital signage at the pump. This featured content can lure customers to make in-store purchases or to promote a loyalty card, helping your bottom line. With so many content ideas and a rather captive audience, take advantage of the power of digital signage at the pump.

Why Digital Signage at the Pump

Digital signage at the pump presents a unique chance to communicate with shoppers. First, you have a captive audience for a significant amount of time and a recurring visitor. A recent survey found that consumers spend about two to three minutes filling up their tank. This is more than enough time to show them multiple messages.

Further, consumers are living in a digital world where out-of-home (OOH) ads have the potential for more exposure than TV ads. It’s just as likely, if not more, for a consumer to see an ad at the pump as on TV, because users have much more control over what they watch and when, which includes skipping commercials.

At the Pump Content Ideas

Now that you have their attention, what should the content be? Consider these inspirations:

In-Store Promotions: Get users inside your store by promoting best sellers and daily deals on what you’ve got inside. Because digital signage can be changed on the fly and scheduled, you can optimize what you play based on the time of the day. You can further enhance this content by connecting what your shoppers buy and when. Use that data to make ads more relevant. Promote coffee in the morning and sweets in the afternoon.

Loyalty Programs: Your signage can encourage users to sign-up for your program or remind them to use their card. Just because a customer signed up for your program doesn’t mean they are using it, so remind them of the perks and benefits.

Local events or brands: Most drivers visit gas stations only a few miles from home, so it makes sense to promote area events that you may be involved in or sponsor. It’s also a way to get other local brands to pay for screen time. If there is a body shop nearby, they might consider paying for an ad that would be shown to your customers.

Integration with smartphones: It’s hard to compete with smartphones. Drivers may narrow their gaze down to the phone instead of looking at your screen. So, integrate the experience. Content could be related to some kind of action they could take on their phone, like:

  • Texting a code to get a coupon

  • Scanning a QR code

  • Posting on social media with a certain hashtag

Digital Signage Opens Up Possibilities

Instead of static signage that can blow away, get destroyed, and never change, embrace digital signage as a means to communicate at the pump. When executed well, these small screens can greatly influence a consumer to interact with the brand or make another purchase.

Where to Start: The Best Connection

If you are ready to consider digital signage at the fuel pump, one thing you’ll need to have is a reliable, secure connection. AvaLAN is here to help with industry-leading,  cost-effective and flexible solutions. For more information contact AvaLAN today.


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