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How Forecourt Networking is Solved with Wireless

While a wired solution may have been used in the past there are now newer wireless technology solutions available that allow for a more updated and secure forecourt experience. Not only is the new wireless technology more updated and secure but it also is a cheaper and quicker solution to implement. Check out the information below on how forecourt networking can be solved with our wireless solution!

  • By installing a UL 1238 certified secure wireless device inside the fuel dispenser the need to transmit over the aging 2 or 4 wires is eliminated completely.

  • Installation of secure wireless devices inside the dispenser requires a fraction of the time vs. IP over RS485 or Home Port technology. The secure wireless “plug and play” technology requires no previous networking or wireless set up experience making it simple for Authorized Service Technicians to install in a matter of minutes vs. hours, which reduces costs and downtime.

  • Since the wireless is digital TCP/IP and highly encrypted, issues like noise, loop back failures, and security issues are virtually eliminated.

  • When combined with the AvaLAN Current Loop & Serial to Ethernet adapter, an installer is able to quickly and easily connect other non-TCP/IP devices in the dispenser to one of 4 ports of the integrated managed Ethernet switch inside the secure wireless system. This offers WAN/Cloud management for virtually any aspect of the fuel dispenser or forecourt devices.

  • Secure Wireless Ethernet devices are designed to be highly scalable. Increasing the number of fueling points or card reader devices does not slow down the system.

If you have any questions about how AvaLAN can assist in solving your forecourt networking challenges with a wireless solution or anything else, feel free to reach out to our sales team at (650) 384-0000 or at We are always happy to help!

Click HERE to read our full white paper!


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Kate Moroz
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