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Only 3 options exist for converting your gas pump to EMV

If you own a gas station you have been thinking a lot lately about how you are going to convert your fuel dispensers to EMV by the rapidly approaching 2020 deadline.

As a business owner, you really didn’t need another thing to worry about.

Hopefully this blog will give you some concrete information to make this decision quickly, with the least pain, and at a price point that will make you literally want to become the author’s friend for life.

The 3 Options:

  • Retrench your forecourt and install Ethernet or Fiber connections to each dispenser.

  • Utilize IP over 485 technology to avoid trenching by using the existing 2 wire cables already going to your dispensers.

  • Install UL certified and PCI compliant high speed wireless Ethernet.

At this point you might be asking yourself, “Is this a trick question?” And yet this is the question being bantered back and forth between thousands of fuel center industry professionals all across the US.

Key CRIND EMV Considerations:

  • EMV supporting hardware needs to be trouble free and easy to install. Minimizing store downtime and switching over to a PCI compliant, secure and reliable EMV card processing system quickly can save significant cost.

  • Keep your IT department happy with securely managed and segmented network communications. Separation of secure and insecure data network transmissions will insure the safety of your customer's credit card information at the same time insuring the successful operation of your fuel dispensers.

  • Ensure future upgrades and changes to your fuel center will be possible with full Ethernet network connections for all your systems and devices in the fuel center.

Some common questions:

  • What does it cost to trench my forecourt?

  • Does IP over 485 technology work reliably?

  • Does IP over 485 technology have enough bandwidth for media and future expansions?

  • Is IP over 485 technology secure?

  • Is IP over 485 technology network manageable to work seamlessly across my current and future ecosystem?

  • What is UL certified and PCI compliant high-speed wireless Ethernet? Is it more secure than Wi-Fi and LTE?

  • How will installing Secure Wireless Ethernet to each pump enable remote management and how will it interact with the rest of my network ecosystem?

  • How long does it take to install Secure Wireless Ethernet?

  • Does Secure Wireless Ethernet allow me to segment my various streams of data using separate vLAN’s for PCI compliance?

  • How can I find out more information about Secure Wireless Ethernet?

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