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Top 5 Reasons Fuel Centers Should Go Wireless EMV

October 2020 -- a date that U.S. fuel centers around the country have marked on their calendars. Why? Because that’s when the credit card companies mandated rules for converting to the secure, EMV-chip card standard go into effect.

Transitioning to the EMV standard has its own unique complications for fuel centers. There are infrastructure requirements and specialized technology needed to equip fuel pumps. And regardless of the system selected, older pumps may need to be replaced before integrating chip readers, requiring specialized vendors and breaking into concrete. In addition, fuel stations can choose to upgrade their payment systems with wired or wireless technology. But with a wired system, operators will need to dig trenches, which is both time-consuming and costly. Between wired and wireless, wireless stands out as the clearly superior EMV solution, and here are the top five reasons why:

  • Plug and Play: Refitting a forecourt with a wired EMV solution can pose difficulties, and can even leave a fuel center with older 2-wire to 4-wire conversion technology. But a plug and play wireless EMV system installs in about an hour, and provides future-proof, secure, and fast Ethernet data communications.

  • No Digging or Downtime: A wireless solution reduces downtime because digging isn’t necessary. Fuel stations can remain open during installation making the process frictionless for both operators and customers

  • Low Costs: Because there is no digging involved or heavy equipment required for standard installation, costs are minimized. And since centers can remain operational, business continues uninterrupted as pumps continue to generate revenue.

  • PCI Compliant Proprietary Encrypted Protocol: The separation of secure and insecure data network transmissions ensures the safety of the customer’s credit card information.

  • Ample bandwidth for HD media solutions (300 Mbps): Fast and reliable, operators and customers never have to worry about bogging down during payment transactions.

AvaLAN provides safe, reliable wireless solutions for EMV pump payment and controls. Enduring extensive wireless and network security penetration testing to ensure absolute protection of sensitive data, converting with the AvaLAN solution is not only fast, but secure as well. In fact, AvaLAN’s system is proven to surpass other EMV connectivity products on the market today in both reliability and security.

October 2020 is rapidly approaching, but the date doesn’t have be daunting. Learn how to quickly and affordably achieve EMV chip-card compliance with a secure wireless forecourt access point from AvaLAN by clicking here.



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