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Wireless EMV leader Provides Secure and Reliable Connections for EMV CRIND Upgrade

Convenience Plus, a Manchester, NH based convenience store chain, found themselves in a situation that many gas stations across the United States will be facing as they upgrade to support outdoor EMV.  Convenience Plus was being required by their fuel supplier, Irving Oil, to switch to a new POS system to support indoor EMV and a new loyalty platform.  The new POS system, NCR RPOS, would not support the sites existing configuration with (6) Wayne Ovation dispensers with inOvation TV and Wayne Connect without a costly upgrade.

The operations manager of Convenience Plus, Lainie Fortin, turned to her local service provider, WildcoPES, to find a solution for her problem.  Lainie Fortin had two requirements: 1) solution could not interrupt fueling at her 4 million + gallon a year location 2) solution had to be reliable and secure.

WildcoPES knew that running CAT5 at this location was not an option because excavation to install new conduit would interrupt fuel sales at this location for several days as the conduit was installed and concrete was replaced.  WildcoPES also knew that standard wireless would not provide the security and reliability required for future EMV upgrades.

To solve the problem, WildcoPES turned to Huntsville, AL based AvaLAN Wireless.  Mike Derby and Brook Svoboda listened to the problem that Convenience Plus was experiencing and offered a customized solution based on their proven 900mhz secure wireless communications.  With over 80,000 radios installed throughout multiple industries, including sites handling EMV transactions, WildcoPES felt extremely confident the solution that they presented to Convenience Plus would be reliable, secure, and fast enough to handle EMV credit card transactions.

WildcoPES installed the wireless radios during the new POS install to reduce the amount of downtime that the station experienced.  With AvaLAN’s Wayne dispenser installation package, the install process was plug and play for the WildcoPES techs.  Total install time for (6) dispensers and the (1) indoor unit was less than 1.5 hours.

Lainie Fortin was extremely happy with the end results, saying “I needed a solution that was reliable, secure, and fast.  WildcoPES and AvaLAN partnered to deliver a solution that exceeded my expectations.  I would recommend this solution to anyone that is looking to upgrade their site without spending thousands on new wiring and dealing with disruptive downtime.”

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