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Wireless Solutions Offer More Flexibility and Control at the Pump Without Intrusive Installations

Most consumers visit fuel centers regularly without giving much thought to their inner workings. But owners of these centers certainly care about the logistics of making their displays function maximally. Many center-displays transmit a great deal of information—from fuel prices and product advertisements, to POS data, to important weather information. Most rely on buried cabling for their digital signage systems, but installation is expensive and requires invasive trenching work. Trenching the required cabling also does not allow for any type of remote access to the signage and components which, inhibits flexibility in time and location for sign changes. For proper longevity and customization, remote access to digital signage components is critical.

Fortunately, there is some good news: buried wires are no longer necessary in accessing and controlling digital signs. This wireless option eliminates the need to dig any trenches. Wireless networks are much more cost efficient and allow for over the air updates. Implementing a wireless Ethernet bridge to connect a digital sign from its location to a building is much more economical and gives the user the freedom to freely update marketing, advertising, and informational signage. Remote access allows for changes from any location, at any time. This method allows for a cohesive and simple way to manage the fuel system network, from the pumps to the POS to the LED signs.

While getting power to a digital sign may be a simple process, getting the network and data acquisition can pose a challenge without an experienced partner. That’s why AvaLAN’s wireless solutions are being used at commercial fuel stations with less intrusive installation and management. AvaLAN’s efficient network provides a reliable wireless connection for commercial fuel payment systems. Even in the presence of pervasive obstacles and interference from other wireless networks, AvaLAN has the solutions.

With their use of advanced encryption technology, AvaLAN can ensure content security and protection against potential scammers. Furthermore, image and message setup are electronically controlled via a computer that allows the content modification to meet the intended purpose and reach the targeted demographic. As a result, end-users do not need to have a cable-enabled point to transmit data from one point to another; they can use the wireless technology to transmit data effortlessly.

When compared to a wired system, wireless systems are extremely cost effective as there is no need to run cabling from the server to the LED sign. Trenching and burying cabling in the ground can be a very expensive proposition and will inhibit business traffic for the fuel center. A wired network can be rendered nonfunctional, forcing technicians to perform maintenance work for hours. AvaLAN solves these problems with wireless technology: once the access point is fitted, it becomes extremely easy to tweak settings. AvaLAN’s technology allows fuel centers to gain remote access to their signage and update what they want when they want.

To learn more about AvaLAN’s wireless networks and how they are helping optimize fuel center operations, visit AvaLAN online today!



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