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How are you handling network security with EMV payment in the Fuel Dispenser?

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Are you ready for the next wave of “pump skimmers?”

If you own a gas station you have been thinking a lot lately about how you are going to convert your fuel dispensers to EMV by the rapidly approaching 2020 deadline.

The shift from serial to Ethernet communications at the gas pump offers the higher speeds required to transact via EMV chip cards.

Taking this step towards EMV enabled gas pump payment infrastructure is a key step in the right direction.

However, with this introduction of Ethernet ports inside the gas pump now handling sensitive PCI data, a massive new question begins to arise: How are you handling network security for EMV payment at the gas pump?

Are you simply trading mag swipe skimmers for something much more dangerous: Network based “Skimmers”?

Here are the Top 10 PCI Network Security questions you should ask:

  • Are the Ethernet network ports inside my new EMV fuel dispenser within my PCI perimeter?

  • Are fuel dispenser’s Ethernet ports the easiest way to enter onto my store’s network?

  • Can someone capture sensitive data by simply plugging a “Network Skimmer” into an open network port inside the dispenser?

  • How can I secure the Ethernet ports inside my fuel dispensers?

  • How secure are dispenser door locks and can anyone get a key?

  • How do the IP over 485 products from Wayne and Gilbarco secure open ports to stop a Network Skimmer from capturing data?

  • Can a secure Wireless Ethernet system allow me to segment various types of data (payment, media, management, data) and ensure that they do not get mixed together or Skimmed?

  • What is Network Access Control “NAC” and can it protect the open ports from a Skimmer?

  • Why is Adaptive VLAN Segmentation better than a physically segmented network or by using passive VLANs?

  • Does segmentation using physical isolation or using static VLANs comply with best practices of network security experts?

For the answer to all these questions and to insure a securely networked forecourt, contact AvaLAN today:

About AvaLAN:

AvaLAN is an ISO9001 manufacturer of critical infrastructure communication equipment. For 14 years AvaLAN has been providing secure and reliable solutions for retail POS, smart grid, security, and government customers with an unparalleled reputation for quality and reliability. AvaLAN utilizes proprietary protocols and unique IT networking techniques to insure the maximum security while maintaining “plug and play” installation so that little to no wireless or networking experience is required for the field service technician. 

AvaLAN is headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama and answers the phone when you call. Find out why Fortune 20 retailers have chosen AvaLAN for their Secure EMV upgrades. 


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