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Curious about Wireless Outdoor EMV but not sure where to start?

Have you heard the industry buzz about Wireless Outdoor EMV solutions but don’t know where to start?

Here is a collection of documentation in one quick and easy place for those who may want more information.

What is Wireless Outdoor EMV. Is it right for you?

Top 5 Reasons Fuel Centers Should Go Wireless

There's a Better Way to Meet EMV Compliance

Which is Better? Two Wires or No Wires at all?

What are the alternatives?

EMV Comparison Chart HERE>>

I get it now! But now I want more technical information about AvaLAN’s Wireless Outdoor EMV solution!

Secure Wireless Ethernet for Fuel Dispenser EMV Whitepaper HERE>>

Convenience Plus Case Study HERE>>

AvaLAN IP Secure Wireless for EMV Upgrades Video HERE>>

I’m ready to upgrade with AvaLAN’s Outdoor wireless EMV:


Video of Payless Installation HERE>>

How Long Does it Take to Install Secure Wireless Ethernet at your Fuel Pump? 

EMV Quick Start Guide HERE>>

EMV User Manual HERE>>

It’s really that easy.

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