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Convenience and Fuel Retailing Industry Organization Launches EMV Implementation Resource

Conexxus, a nonprofit, member-driven technology organization dedicated to the development and implementation of standards, technologies innovation, and advocacy for the convenience and fuel retailing industry, has released a new white paper, “Resources and Guidance for EMV Implementation in a C-Store Environment.” The purpose of this resource is to share information and guidance for convenience retailers who are considering whether to implement EMV.

EMV, which stands for Europay, Mastercard and Visa, is a global standard for cards equipped with computer chips and the technology used to authenticate chip-card transactions. The convenience and fuel retailing industry is currently in the midst of upgrading its payment stations to the EMV standard ahead of a 2020 deadline.

The white paper from Conexxus brings together educational information, frequently asked questions, and links to valuable resources for convenience store operators who are looking to implement EMV in the United States. While many EMV resources exist, this one is tailored specifically to merchants in the convenience and fuel retailing industry. This document provides information on EMV basics and answers to commonly asked questions regarding EMV. 

This resource also offers an in-depth discussion of the up-front decisions faced by retailers in advance of EMV implementation, such as debit routing, contactless, optimizing transactions, fallback and manual entry. It clarifies the role EMV plays in protecting cardholder data, and provides basic information regarding testing and certification of an EMV implementation. There are also some processes that require ongoing management, so the white paper includes a section covering some of those areas, including chargebacks and kernel maintenance.

Other considerations for topics that may be applicable to a c-store operator’s business include ATMs, unattended payment terminals, and tips and gratuities if a retailer also has a restaurant or provides other services where tipping is allowed.

As an industry leader in providing secure and reliable wireless solutions for EMV pump payment and controls, as well as automatic tank gauges (ATG) and LED fuel center signs, AvaLAN is very pleased to see this valuable new resource from Conexxus. Differentiating itself from other wireless technology companies, AvaLAN focuses on IoT applications rather than computers or mobile phones. AvaLAN continues to innovate with solutions for commercial and retail fueling stations, delivering secure and reliable connections for a multitude of industrial devices.

While wireless technology innovation and manufacturing is at AvaLAN’s core, AvaLAN continues to focus on solving the customer’s problems with complete solutions. 



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