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Understanding Security for Outdoor Payment Systems

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

When AvaLAN Networks won the Kroger contract to install it’s UL certified wireless Ethernet devices inside Kroger’s 6000 gas pumps, most industry observers assumed the win was a result of easier installs, much higher bandwidth and a much more reliable product than attempting to use the existing 2 wires with a media converter

However, this major “industry first” win was actually based on the AvaLAN proprietary and multi-layer security technology which made it the ONLY option in the market for Kroger to meet it’s enterprise wide PCI policy parameters.

Takeaway: Wireless is MORE SECURE than existing wire for outdoor payment systems at gas pumps.

If you’d like to find out more, contact AvaLAN today:

Or download our security white paper HERE

About AvaLAN Networks:

AvaLAN was founded in Silicon Valley in 2004 to create reliable Ethernet connections for devices. Specializing in wireless technology the company grew in it’s early years connecting IP Surveillance cameras. Additionally, AvaLAN differentiated itself from other wireless technology companies by focusing on IoT applications instead of connecting computers and mobile phones. Always delivering secure and reliable connections for a multitude of industrial devices.

AvaLAN continues to innovate with solutions for commercial and retail fueling stations, digital signage, retail point-of-sale and other industrial automation applications. While Wireless technology innovation is at AvaLAN’s core, AvaLAN continues to focus on solving customer’s problems with complete wired, wireless, and cloud based networking solutions.

Inc Magazine included AvaLAN Wireless on its 35th annual pick of 5000 of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies.


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